How To Design The Garden Decoration And What To Pay Attention To

How To Design The Garden Decoration And What To Pay Attention To

Design of the house, garden decoration design by people’s favorite, garden furniture should be how to choose and such a structure in the design time, do not know which good use, and in the garden decoration need to pay attention to what, to these are not very understanding, then garden decoration design which good use?Next small editor for everyone to introduce, I hope you in the decoration of the time reference.

How To Design The Garden Decoration And What To Pay Attention To

I. Which is the best use of garden decoration design

1. Decorate your garden. You should decorate your home with beautiful gardens, choose the best garden furniture, and manage the rocks and soil you need in the garden.In terms of views, metal and gypsum are good choices.

2. Garden decoration. The garden looks good. You can also create bird fish ponds, fountains, garden bridges, etc.When you see it in its entirety, you’ll be happy.

3. Garden plan. You need to better decorate the garden. You can decorate grass and flower beds.Since the planning of the whole garden is also an art, the overall achievement is very important in terms of key, focus, form, harmony, balance, texture and symmetry.

4. Plan the garden. When you start decorating your garden, you have to have a photo, you have to understand it in your head, and it’s best to make a plan about what kind of garden furniture you want to buy. You can go to the wholesale furniture supplier to choose the best garden furniture.Want to think about yourself, think about the environment and the sun land and so on.

5. Plant selection.But picking different flowers depending on your own environment and water and soil can also be used to choose the conditions for scented flower cultivation.

How To Design The Garden Decoration And What To Pay Attention To

II, what to pay attention to in garden decoration

1. Garden decoration note, any form of decoration should take into account the bearing problems.
But unless the balcony is reinforced in the main body of the building, the artificial sink cannot be built and the concrete mat sits cannot be handled.

2.Garden decoration note that all forms of decoration, can not destroy the original waterproof layer of the balcony, to consider waterproofing.

3. Garden decoration note, what form of decoration, balcony wind pool should be considered.
All other structures must be strengthened and guaranteed.

4.Garden decoration note that the balcony floor should ensure that the drainage system is clear, so that the water does not seep into the room.

5. Garden decoration note that the balcony flowers and plants should try to choose a species with good insect resistance, and in order to avoid insects in the living room, must be separated from the planting belt and living room as needed.
It is not suitable for planting tall flowers and small trees in the balcony garden.Garden decoration note, there is a balcony garden artificial lighting, the need for waterproof lighting, installation of leak-proof switch, to avoid rain yin leakage, damage.

III. What are the garden decoration styles?

1. English garden, as well as English garden with dark and half-wood frame, exaggerated sculpture, neat nursery and flowers, the style of expression of life is simple, fresh, elegant, natural.If you want to decorate the English garden, you can buy some European-style tables and chairs, and you can ask the dining chairs manufacturers for your request.

2. Traditional garden, but traditional gardens are a more natural style than nature, with artistic concepts, exquisite design, elegant art and rich cultural features, the overall layout is small, but free, refined, elegant, long writing. Water is the center, water is repetitive, full of Jiangnan flavor. The structure is easy to move. The colors are on the white walls, and the maroon columns match nature.Space processing is sometimes open and clean, sometimes distorted, rotated, hidden or exposed.

3.German garden, as well as let you enjoy the rational and romantic simplicity and comfort, deliberately arranged flowers and garden, you can experience romance and relaxation, the brain of the wise man is born here reborn and inspired.

Garden decoration design, do not know which is good to use, and in the decoration of what attention, the above article is about the garden decoration design which good use and garden decoration attention to what.