Introduction To The Types Of Garden Furniture And The Purchase Of

Introduction To The Types Of Garden Furniture And The Purchase Of

In people’s outdoor gardens. At leisure, we can enjoy tea. At this time furniture is also the existence of garden furniture. With it, it’s especially convenient for us to lie down or do. So, what kind of garden furniture? And how to choose garden furniture? The following article is a detailed introduction to the small editor of the renovated house.This way we can refer to the appropriate selection.

First, what kinds of garden furniture?

1. Garden furniture suitable for our choice of birch wood hard, the production of furniture of high-quality materials. can meet our needs. Garden furniture wood flexibility is very good, corrosion resistance, hardness and strength can also, the process can be hollowed out and embossed;Garden furniture is very easy to change the quality of wood, shrinking very seriously.

Introduction To The Types Of Garden Furniture And The Purchase Of

2. Affordable water willow wood, water willow surface cutting is very smooth, is also very good furniture, attached to the use of coatings is very good, due to the lack of cracking, aging performance is very low, small performance changes and so on, the furniture made is very suitable for use in the dry north. And the edge material does not have a core material corrosion resistance is very high.White wood is easy to grow moths, and the water willow wood furniture is mostly stitched together, wood shrinkage is very large.

3. High-end wood, birch is characterized by large elasticity, easy to process. The texture is meticulous, the feel is very good, straight, tough, easy to cut, plasticity is very good. The dry-treated birch wood is hard and has strong grip on nails. The obvious disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant.High-temperature steamed fruit birch easy deformation, cracking, material density is not the same, it is easy to make our furniture look incongruous.

Introduction To The Types Of Garden Furniture And The Purchase Of

Second, durable garden furniture how to choose

1. First of all, a look at the material. Generally good furniture, open the door, there is, after drawers, its wood dry, white, clear texture, clear texture, texture tight, delicate. And those furniture made from poor quality materials can not reach the above level. At the same time good furniture requires open the door or drawer, can not have any irritating odor. Look at the components.Look at the forced parts of the furniture (sofa legs, columns, load-bearing bars connecting columns near the ground, etc.) and cracks

2. It is also important to check the sliding and positioning of drawers, opening all doors and drawers to make sure they are properly installed and unobstructed. Pay special attention to the joints of heavy furniture components and should be tightened with screw covers. Look at all the parts on the furniture using artificial panels, make sure that they have been closed, to ensure that a variety of accessories installed a number of pieces, not leaknails, not through nails.

Look at the origin because the moisture content of furniture wood is affected by its origin, and the water content is higher than the average water content of the use of more than 1% of the furniture will appear cracking, deformation, bulk racks, warping and other phenomena, so it is best to buy drying process good enterprise production of furniture, local or foreign production is not important, the average water content is consistent.

3. Touch the surface to see whether the polishing surface is smooth, this aspect is very important, to see if there is anything that can hook through the clothing protruding. Touch the foot of the table, the foot of the grandstand and other parts of whether rough, see whether the corner of the pigment is overcoated.