How Should The Roof Garden Be Designed?

How Should The Roof Garden Be Designed?

Roof garden decoration now people’s living standards have improved, but also have a higher pursuit of life.
Many families with villas will be renovated into a small garden, which requires the purchase of durable garden furniture, it can not only be used as a place for leisure and entertainment, but also for the usual viewing.

I. How to design the roof garden decoration

1, lawn roof greening

Domestic called simple roof garden, as the name implies is based on the characteristics of the building load is relatively small, the use of lawns, ground quilts, small shrubs and climbing plants for roof cover greening.China’s approach is mostly using lawns, while Germany’s use of Jingtianke, a drought-resistant low-conservation plant, often does not need to set up a separate irrigation system, relying on natural precipitation alone to solve the problem of plant conservation.

2, combined roof garden

The semi-intensive rooftop garden is suitable for visible roofs and requires year-round viewing of green and flowering plants. It is thicker than the expansion type, and the range of plant options is wider, but does not include tall trees of trees.It requires regular irrigation and maintenance, with paths and courtyards on the roof for people to walk and stay in.

3, garden roof greening

Intensive roof greening can be said to be a real roof garden, usually can be added to trees, grass, pavilions, pools, fake mountains and wooden chairs and other garden design elements, providing people with leisure and sports space, but also need regular maintenance and maintenance.

How Should The Roof Garden Be Designed?

II. How much money is the roof garden decoration

According to the requirements of high and low, prices are also different, garden decoration, decoration company from dozens to hundreds of square meters have. Design costs in 10-50 yuan / square meters or so, the cost of 300-700 yuan / square meters, in the roof garden design to take into account whether the load is feasible. Another is waterproof ingress, once the roof greening, the whole roof has a considerable part of the area will be in a humid environment for a long time, this time the roof waterproof requirements will be very high, finish edifying water also have to carry out four days and four nights of closed water experiments, to ensure that there must be no leakage problem.Another is plant root piercing, now generally has both physical root and chemical root two kinds.

How Should The Roof Garden Be Designed?

III. Roof Garden Renovation Effect Case

The roof area is not large, but in the design time is very good to use the space, reasonable to buy the best garden furniture, so that the garden space layout more reasonable. The open-air roof ensures that the plants in the small garden are sufficiently light-sensitive and light-sensitive. Add a row of wooden railings to the wall, on the one hand, play a protective role in safety, on the other hand, can use the fence to let plants grow, but also played a role in decorating.

The ground floor is water-resistant and a wooden floor is laid, making walking on top of the touch will be more comfortable. Design stools near the wall and sit down and cool in the summer sun. In the middle of a large table, used to place small potted plants, the space below has a collection role, after finishing, so that the small space becomes orderly. Afternoon time is always so leisurely, you can sit with friends on the rattan chair quietly enjoy the quiet afternoon, drink an afternoon tea chat about the future.
Can also be with the lover, so quiet sitting, can also feel the quiet years good.

What is the design of the roof garden that you are introducing? If you would like to know more about garden furniture, please click here.