Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden Construction Steps

Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden Construction Steps

The garden is a great place to rest and admire the flowers or trees, where we can enjoy being close to nature. But have you noticed garden furniture in the garden? For outdoor furniture, such as garden furniture, because they have to withstand the wind and sunlight for a long time, it is different from interior furniture.How to choose outdoor furniture? Next, come together to learn something about some of the garden furniture knowledge in the courtyard.

Garden furniture is an outdoor furniture that refers to furniture placed in a garden. As people’s living standards rise, people who own villas or estates will have their own private gardens, and they will design their own gardens.Inevitably, they buy and choose durable garden furniture to provide outdoor leisure for families and friends.

 Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden  Construction Steps

I. Outdoor garden furniture materials

Iron materials: Iron round table chairs are usually more common garden furniture materials, while iron garden furniture is painted milky white, mostly painted black. These two colors are versatile and highly environmentally integrated.
At the same time, the shape and engraving of wrought-iron garden furniture can be more refined and beautiful.

Solid wood material: solid wood outdoor garden furniture is usually set in a gazebo to prevent solid wood tables and chairs affected by rain, solid wood wrought iron combination garden furniture relatively used in covered areas.

Cement materials: Garden furniture made of cement is common, especially in park seats with cement-pressing models with a seamless overall effect. Put the cement garden furniture mentioned above in the garden without worrying too much about its damage.Cement materials are significantly more resistant to erosion than other materials.

 Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden  Construction Steps

II. Courtyard Garden Furniture —- Garden Garden Construction Steps

1. Courtyard design confirmation: Usually the designer will draw the design needs for the garden space, and the owner to confirm the detailed design, including detailed space allocation, the use of planting, materials. This is the most important part of the courtyard design.
After confirmation, it is equal to the blueprint of the courtyard.

2.Finishing the site: whether it is unused courtyard site or second-hand courtyard site, there will usually be some must be cleaned up debris, vegetation, etc. , before the start of construction must clean up the courtyard floor environment.

3. Ground waterproof: If you plant flowers directly in the roof garden, the first thing to do is waterproof. The waterproof layer is divided into liquid waterproof and solid waterproof.
Owners are free to choose a waterproof layer that meets their budget to meet their basic needs.

4. Hydropower project: long garden has water, taps, irrigation system and lighting equipment, generally fixed in a certain part, construction must be fixed according to the design location, laying related pipes.
These hydropower projects are usually completed before the earth is covered.

5. Drainage works: Confirm that the drainage holes in the courtyard are at the lowest point.
Protect the waterproof layer so that the drainage slope, or you can take advantage of the high-rise seating and hilly terrain.

6. Coverage: All geotechnical works 0x1776 hydropower project completed, the entire courtyard hardware construction project completed. The next step is to cover the soil.
After the soil is completed, it is a configuration of plant configuration and horticultural materials.

7. Plant: Find the location of the trees in the yard first.
After planting the main trees, the main scene in the garden will be positioned and then expanded one by one among other small and medium-sized plants, gradually forming the flower and wood structure in the garden.

8. Material configuration: according to the volume or characteristics of the material, with plant planting, according to the planning order. If there is a slate or pool, it can be carried out in parallel with the plant.
Finally, through decorative accessories, completed the construction of the courtyard, fully demonstrated the overall effect of the courtyard.

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