How To Choose The Best Garden Furniture To Design Our Garden?

Many people want to have a garden of their own, this time can not help but buy garden furniture, because the garden is outdoor, so when shopping for furniture will usually choose durable garden furniture.

Put a few tables and chairs in the yard, plant their favorite flowers, when nothing, please come over a few good friends to play cards, tea, chat, enjoy the comfort of nature, such a life is very enviable, then, do you know how to decorate your garden with garden furniture?

How To Choose The Best Garden Furniture To Design Our Garden?

I. How to design the open-air garden decoration

1, micro garden.

Put an iron frame on the outside wall of the open-air balcony and place some flowers on top of it.If the open-air balcony area is relatively wide, you can also build a small fountain in the center, the pool built-in put some fake mountain shells, small fish shrimp and other aquariums, so that the entire open-air balcony has green leaves, flowers, fish in the pool shrimp play, can enjoy the fun of nature.

2, open-air vegetable garden.

On small open-air balconies and even protective railings, planting some fruits, vegetables, etc., the open-air balcony has become a “balcony garden”, which is now very popular in some European countries.

3, the study room. At one end of the open-air balcony, a wall is made of a whole bookcase, a desk table is set below, a retractable chandelier hangs from the top of the middle, and a coffee table chair or a remote chair at the other end of the open-air balcony.Although the open-air balcony area is not big, but here can still talk with people, reading, writing, leisure, there are many functions.

II. What flowers and trees to grow in the open-air garden

On one side of the garden wall, a row of coral trees is planted to form a hedge about two metres high. You can also close to the root of the wall, plant mountain tigers or Ivy, let them climb the edge, become a green barrier, so that the courtyard can appear more elegant, add a few points of mountain taste. Courtyard can be planted on spring, pomegranates, moon season, lamei, chrysanthemum and camellia, but also can be planted on golden oranges, oranges, figs, dates and so on, which can be done four seasons see flowers, between or fruit, both full of eyes, but also add a mouthful of happiness.Large courtyard, can also be built a few small flower beds, flower beds around, planted a circle of onion orchids or “along the grass” as a chrome, flower beds placed a few taihu stones or other stones, and flowers and trees to contrast.

How To Choose The Best Garden Furniture To Design Our Garden?

III.How to design a garden in your own yard

1, clear garden use function At the beginning of the design garden, there should be a clear positioning of the function of the garden, whether it is a wildlife shelter, or a garden full of vegetables, if you want the garden to have a variety of functions, then identify one of its most important functions, and then design.Design should pay attention to what style with what garden furniture, different styles of stylish garden furniture with different, so as to decorate a garden you like.

2, to meet the sensory needs of the courtyard Create the most attractive landscape, with the most harmonious colors to satisfy the eyes, choose a particularly aromatic plant to satisfy the nose, let the garden have crisp birdsong, the sound of the water, and the laughter of the child to satisfy the ears, and finally, to satisfy our tactile, soft, smooth, hard walking path,The feeling of stepping on it is so different, the fence of various materials feels different.

3, positioning garden decoration style The overall style of the garden is what it is like to make people feel. Appreciate a neatly planned courtyard? Or a courtyard with an oriental mystery? Is the tree thick or open?Put all you can think of on the paper and pick one of your favorites.

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