How Should The Flower Pot As Garden Furniture Be Placed?

People’s living standards, many families have a garden, garden furniture demand is growing. We all like to plant some beautiful flowers and grasses in the garden, every day tired to see these flowers and grasses, as if in the midst of nature, is a good choice to release the pressure. But the garden flower pots, if not very careful, a long time, may seem a bit messy, aesthetically at all.

Flower plate as a garden furniture is important, so how to make the garden pots look good?

How Should The Flower Plate As Garden Furniture Be Placed?

1.Learn to choose the right flower pot.

Want to make the garden flower pots placed good-looking, that in the choice of flower pots to be carefully selected is, do not choose plastic pots, easy to break and easy to change color.
Should choose a unified ceramic flower pots, the color should also be a little elegant. Strive to design a space sense of flower pots.

2.Try to design a sense of space for flower pots.

Want to make the garden flower pots placed good-looking, should let the flower pots look a certain three-dimensional sense.
You can borrow a certain partition design into the shape of a step, or set up a solid wooden shelf, so that the flower pot looks layered, beautiful. Like plants planted on flower beds and garden edges, plants planted in flower pots can beautify the garden.Choose a flowerpot that matches the garden style, where leaf plants or flowers can be planted, both to decorate the courtyard and as a visual focal point in the garden.

3.Use the colors of flower pots and plants cleverly. To make the garden pots look good, learn to make clever use of the flower pots and plant colors. Green plants and beautiful flowers do not need to be divided into placement areas.They can be placed together, visually giving a spring-colored feeling.

4.Start with the details of the placement.

The details of the flower pot arrangement include many aspects, such as the number of flower pots, the shape of the flower pots, etc. These details are also important after determining the large pattern of flower pots in the garden.
The number of flower pots can not be too much, can also be designed into a certain placement shape. Metal pots (such as galvanized) and man-made pots are suitable for placement in modern-style gardens, especially geometric pots with smooth appearances.New Zealand hemp, aromatic grass or pruned plants with three large flower pots can be used, and flower pots can be placed among the meaty plants.

5.The arrangement of flower pots can be paired with other scenes.

If you want to create their own beautiful flower pot garden, in addition to the above careful design, the arrangement of the flower pot can be paired with other scenes.For example, the placement of a rather elegant folding table, in the middle can also be placed a few pots, in the garden filled with beautiful flower pots tea chat, is also a good choice.

How Should The Flower Plate As Garden Furniture Be Placed?

In traditional-style gardens, red pottery, natural stone or similar composite pots can be used. Roses planted in large tanks are gorgeous courtyard decorations in traditional-style gardens, as well as herbs in old sinks and perennials or alpine plants in thatched huts.In a natural-style garden, use an idyllic flowerpot made from recycled wood.

Pastoral style: In an idyllic or natural garden, you can use recyclable fruit bins, old pots or wooden pots.

Tropical style: Colorful glazed flower pots are suitable for growing tropical leafy plants, leafy shrubs or pruned plants.

Modern style: metal flower pots can reflect the modern style, can be planted in a well-shaped leaf-watching plant, the flower pots will be placed in groups.

Traditional style: Traditional-style flower pots are suitable for traditional gardens, and their earthy tones are suitable for planting pastoral plants.

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