What Are The Garden Furniture Manufacturers? Garden Furniture Purchase Tips

What Are The Garden Furniture Manufacturers Garden Furniture Purchase Tips

Garden decoration designers are very concerned about the garden, which can be used for rest, tea, chat, and flower viewing. Therefore, the choice of garden furniture is very important and can bring convenience to everyone, but there are many manufacturers and materials on the market. Consumers will be very confused when they buy it. Here is a small series of decoration home network to introduce to you what garden furniture manufacturers have? Garden furniture shopping skills?

What Are The Garden Furniture Manufacturers Garden Furniture Purchase Tips

First, what are the garden furniture manufacturers?

1.Yongkang Yangjie Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 2 million yuan. It is a Jinhua Yongkang company specializing in the design and processing of aluminum products. External sales of aluminum art outdoor tables and chairs, blanks, finished products. The traditional decoration materials such as formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other harmful gases are high, and the decoration pollution causes serious harm to human health. People pursue more healthy and environmentally friendly interior decoration, and all-aluminum tables and chairs are favored.

2.Wuyi Hongsen Leisure Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of garden greenhouses, folding canopies, cannula, pavilions, chairs, etc. It has a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and product quality of Wuyi Hongsen Leisure Products Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry.

3.Ningbo Haishuyun Furniture Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production and sales of modern Nordic classic furniture. It mainly produces and sells: Eames series furniture, leisure furniture, restaurant furniture, hotel furniture, office chair series export furniture. The company’s purpose: quality first, reputation first, customer first. Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service is our eternal commitment to quality.

What Are The Garden Furniture Manufacturers Garden Furniture Purchase Tips

Second, garden furniture purchase skills

1.Look at the materials. Generally good furniture, open the door, and even after the drawer, the wood is dry and white, the texture is clear and clear, and the texture is compact and delicate. Furniture made from inferior materials cannot reach the above levels. At the same time, good furniture requires no irritating odor after opening the door or drawer. Look at the components. Look at the force-receiving parts of the furniture (seat legs, columns, load-bearing bars that connect the columns to the ground, etc.), cracks.

2, look at the sliding and positioning of the drawer, is also an important aspect, open all the doors and drawers, to ensure that they are properly installed, use without hindrance. Pay special attention to the joints of heavy furniture components, which should be fastened with screw caps. Look at all the parts on the furniture that use wood-based panels to ensure that they have been edge-sealed to ensure that the various accessories are installed with a few pieces, no nails, no nails. Look at the origin because the moisture content of the furniture wood is affected by its origin, and the furniture with a moisture content higher than 1% of the average moisture content of the use area will crack, deform, fall apart, warp, etc. Furniture produced by a well-engineered enterprise is not important for local or foreign production, and the average moisture content remains the same.

3, to coordinate with the interior design, such as the shape, color, function, texture, hardware and other factors of some furniture can be matched with the interior design or home decoration, lighting, etc., to form a coherent echo, complement each other the overall indoor space effect.

The above article details the contents of the garden furniture manufacturers and the garden furniture purchase skills, it is said here.

Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden Construction Steps

Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden Construction Steps

The garden is a great place to rest and admire the flowers or trees, where we can enjoy being close to nature. But have you noticed garden furniture in the garden? For outdoor furniture, such as garden furniture, because they have to withstand the wind and sunlight for a long time, it is different from interior furniture.How to choose outdoor furniture? Next, come together to learn something about some of the garden furniture knowledge in the courtyard.

Garden furniture is an outdoor furniture that refers to furniture placed in a garden. As people’s living standards rise, people who own villas or estates will have their own private gardens, and they will design their own gardens.Inevitably, they buy and choose durable garden furniture to provide outdoor leisure for families and friends.

 Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden  Construction Steps

I. Outdoor garden furniture materials

Iron materials: Iron round table chairs are usually more common garden furniture materials, while iron garden furniture is painted milky white, mostly painted black. These two colors are versatile and highly environmentally integrated.
At the same time, the shape and engraving of wrought-iron garden furniture can be more refined and beautiful.

Solid wood material: solid wood outdoor garden furniture is usually set in a gazebo to prevent solid wood tables and chairs affected by rain, solid wood wrought iron combination garden furniture relatively used in covered areas.

Cement materials: Garden furniture made of cement is common, especially in park seats with cement-pressing models with a seamless overall effect. Put the cement garden furniture mentioned above in the garden without worrying too much about its damage.Cement materials are significantly more resistant to erosion than other materials.

 Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden  Construction Steps

II. Courtyard Garden Furniture —- Garden Garden Construction Steps

1. Courtyard design confirmation: Usually the designer will draw the design needs for the garden space, and the owner to confirm the detailed design, including detailed space allocation, the use of planting, materials. This is the most important part of the courtyard design.
After confirmation, it is equal to the blueprint of the courtyard.

2.Finishing the site: whether it is unused courtyard site or second-hand courtyard site, there will usually be some must be cleaned up debris, vegetation, etc. , before the start of construction must clean up the courtyard floor environment.

3. Ground waterproof: If you plant flowers directly in the roof garden, the first thing to do is waterproof. The waterproof layer is divided into liquid waterproof and solid waterproof.
Owners are free to choose a waterproof layer that meets their budget to meet their basic needs.

4. Hydropower project: long garden has water, taps, irrigation system and lighting equipment, generally fixed in a certain part, construction must be fixed according to the design location, laying related pipes.
These hydropower projects are usually completed before the earth is covered.

5. Drainage works: Confirm that the drainage holes in the courtyard are at the lowest point.
Protect the waterproof layer so that the drainage slope, or you can take advantage of the high-rise seating and hilly terrain.

6. Coverage: All geotechnical works 0x1776 hydropower project completed, the entire courtyard hardware construction project completed. The next step is to cover the soil.
After the soil is completed, it is a configuration of plant configuration and horticultural materials.

7. Plant: Find the location of the trees in the yard first.
After planting the main trees, the main scene in the garden will be positioned and then expanded one by one among other small and medium-sized plants, gradually forming the flower and wood structure in the garden.

8. Material configuration: according to the volume or characteristics of the material, with plant planting, according to the planning order. If there is a slate or pool, it can be carried out in parallel with the plant.
Finally, through decorative accessories, completed the construction of the courtyard, fully demonstrated the overall effect of the courtyard.

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Introduction To The Types Of Garden Furniture And The Purchase Of

Introduction To The Types Of Garden Furniture And The Purchase Of

In people’s outdoor gardens. At leisure, we can enjoy tea. At this time furniture is also the existence of garden furniture. With it, it’s especially convenient for us to lie down or do. So, what kind of garden furniture? And how to choose garden furniture? The following article is a detailed introduction to the small editor of the renovated house.This way we can refer to the appropriate selection.

First, what kinds of garden furniture?

1. Garden furniture suitable for our choice of birch wood hard, the production of furniture of high-quality materials. can meet our needs. Garden furniture wood flexibility is very good, corrosion resistance, hardness and strength can also, the process can be hollowed out and embossed;Garden furniture is very easy to change the quality of wood, shrinking very seriously.

Introduction To The Types Of Garden Furniture And The Purchase Of

2. Affordable water willow wood, water willow surface cutting is very smooth, is also very good furniture, attached to the use of coatings is very good, due to the lack of cracking, aging performance is very low, small performance changes and so on, the furniture made is very suitable for use in the dry north. And the edge material does not have a core material corrosion resistance is very high.White wood is easy to grow moths, and the water willow wood furniture is mostly stitched together, wood shrinkage is very large.

3. High-end wood, birch is characterized by large elasticity, easy to process. The texture is meticulous, the feel is very good, straight, tough, easy to cut, plasticity is very good. The dry-treated birch wood is hard and has strong grip on nails. The obvious disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant.High-temperature steamed fruit birch easy deformation, cracking, material density is not the same, it is easy to make our furniture look incongruous.

Introduction To The Types Of Garden Furniture And The Purchase Of

Second, durable garden furniture how to choose

1. First of all, a look at the material. Generally good furniture, open the door, there is, after drawers, its wood dry, white, clear texture, clear texture, texture tight, delicate. And those furniture made from poor quality materials can not reach the above level. At the same time good furniture requires open the door or drawer, can not have any irritating odor. Look at the components.Look at the forced parts of the furniture (sofa legs, columns, load-bearing bars connecting columns near the ground, etc.) and cracks

2. It is also important to check the sliding and positioning of drawers, opening all doors and drawers to make sure they are properly installed and unobstructed. Pay special attention to the joints of heavy furniture components and should be tightened with screw covers. Look at all the parts on the furniture using artificial panels, make sure that they have been closed, to ensure that a variety of accessories installed a number of pieces, not leaknails, not through nails.

Look at the origin because the moisture content of furniture wood is affected by its origin, and the water content is higher than the average water content of the use of more than 1% of the furniture will appear cracking, deformation, bulk racks, warping and other phenomena, so it is best to buy drying process good enterprise production of furniture, local or foreign production is not important, the average water content is consistent.

3. Touch the surface to see whether the polishing surface is smooth, this aspect is very important, to see if there is anything that can hook through the clothing protruding. Touch the foot of the table, the foot of the grandstand and other parts of whether rough, see whether the corner of the pigment is overcoated.

How Do I Decorate My Garden With Garden Furniture?

How Do I Decorate My Garden With Garden Furniture?

Now many people will design their homes in the garden, need to buy durable garden furniture, not only for hobbies, planting flowers and plants at home can also beautify and purify the home environment. So, how should the garden be renovated? What should you pay attention to when renovating your garden? Next, please make up a small editor to learn something about the garden.I hope I can bring some help to everyone.

一. How to decorate the garden into the home.
1. The area of the garden is about ten square meters, the area is not large, whether this is all-inclusive, but the effect is not good, especially wet scenes, usually need a rock pool. It is necessary to consider whether the space will be filled with the landscape after the human being, as another important feature of your garden is the passage.If it is full and it is not convenient to walk, it is difficult to get up on its own.

2. The garden on the environment and the region is also very high requirements. It can’t be done casually. If this is a difficult design, you should go to a special gardening company.
Vegetation and flowers are also configured. There is a particularity, so when designing a family garden, you must first consider its feasibility.Typically, you can choose to beautify it in the lower right corner.

3. The wet landscape of the family garden is the most important in the construction of hydropower and waterproofing projects. Waterproofing is essential for soil management.
In general, small pools are difficult to achieve water circulation, can only be cleaned and regularly changed, and keep clean regularly. Pay attention to the wires with water.It is best to perform an engineering survey after completion to ensure quality.

4. Many people shout edache edaves at the hygiene and cleanliness of their garden. The initial pride was hard to clean up.
For example, the floor is covered with pebbles, and cleaning the dust one by one is annoying. The garden of the house was meant to ease the mood.If you have to worry about cleaning all day, it will backfire.

 How Do I Decorate My Garden With Garden Furniture?

二. Precautions for garden decoration

1. Before we build a family garden, we must first determine the style.
Different styles of houses to decorate the garden need to buy different styles of garden furniture, the house’s garden style is best to maintain the house’s decorative style.
If you don’t know, you can first see other aspects of successful garden home decoration, choose the best type, and then adjust to the actual needs of the family.

2. After confirming the style, everyone can ask the hydropower master to see.
First, we measure the size of the house’s garden, which is length, width and height, so the location of the water and power supply is marked according to this size, which helps to plan more clearly the design of the space.

3. We need to make a budget before decoration, and according to the budget to buy materials, so that we can effectively prevent excessive budget.

三. The garden decoration —– the house interior decoration precautions.

1.Floor decoration The floor is also a place to pay attention to the decoration, especially the bathroom. Because the bathroom is very damp, you should choose non-slip waterproof materials when purchasing tiles. Here, I remind you that each batch of chips will be different.
It’s not enough to buy more at the time of purchase.

2. Keep switch The problem with sockets is also very small. The exit is at least 30 cm from the ground and the minimum distance between the switch and the ground is 1.4 m.
If you have a high-power device, be sure to choose some cables that you can afford.

3. Installation of equipment Electrical appliances are essential and will only move when the house is restored.
Therefore, the size of the decorator equipment must be notified in advance to avoid insufficient space.

 How Do I Decorate My Garden With Garden Furniture?

4. Hydropower installation Hydropower is the most important link, quality and safety are the most important. From the update of water pipes and cable layings to the update of new lamps, hydropower is in the whole construction process.
Hydropower facilities are closely related to cement engineering and must therefore communicate with cement workers when installing hydropower.

5. Installation door Generally speaking, we buy finished products. You must pay attention to the height before installation.
Whether you install the door first or the floor first, you must determine in advance, otherwise the size of the door may not be appropriate to install.

Buy the best garden furniture to decorate the beautiful and warm garden.