What Are The Garden Furniture Manufacturers? Garden Furniture Purchase Tips

What Are The Garden Furniture Manufacturers Garden Furniture Purchase Tips

Garden decoration designers are very concerned about the garden, which can be used for rest, tea, chat, and flower viewing. Therefore, the choice of garden furniture is very important and can bring convenience to everyone, but there are many manufacturers and materials on the market. Consumers will be very confused when they buy it. Here is a small series of decoration home network to introduce to you what garden furniture manufacturers have? Garden furniture shopping skills?

What Are The Garden Furniture Manufacturers Garden Furniture Purchase Tips

First, what are the garden furniture manufacturers?

1.Yongkang Yangjie Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 2 million yuan. It is a Jinhua Yongkang company specializing in the design and processing of aluminum products. External sales of aluminum art outdoor tables and chairs, blanks, finished products. The traditional decoration materials such as formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other harmful gases are high, and the decoration pollution causes serious harm to human health. People pursue more healthy and environmentally friendly interior decoration, and all-aluminum tables and chairs are favored.

2.Wuyi Hongsen Leisure Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of garden greenhouses, folding canopies, cannula, pavilions, chairs, etc. It has a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and product quality of Wuyi Hongsen Leisure Products Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry.

3.Ningbo Haishuyun Furniture Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production and sales of modern Nordic classic furniture. It mainly produces and sells: Eames series furniture, leisure furniture, restaurant furniture, hotel furniture, office chair series export furniture. The company’s purpose: quality first, reputation first, customer first. Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service is our eternal commitment to quality.

What Are The Garden Furniture Manufacturers Garden Furniture Purchase Tips

Second, garden furniture purchase skills

1.Look at the materials. Generally good furniture, open the door, and even after the drawer, the wood is dry and white, the texture is clear and clear, and the texture is compact and delicate. Furniture made from inferior materials cannot reach the above levels. At the same time, good furniture requires no irritating odor after opening the door or drawer. Look at the components. Look at the force-receiving parts of the furniture (seat legs, columns, load-bearing bars that connect the columns to the ground, etc.), cracks.

2, look at the sliding and positioning of the drawer, is also an important aspect, open all the doors and drawers, to ensure that they are properly installed, use without hindrance. Pay special attention to the joints of heavy furniture components, which should be fastened with screw caps. Look at all the parts on the furniture that use wood-based panels to ensure that they have been edge-sealed to ensure that the various accessories are installed with a few pieces, no nails, no nails. Look at the origin because the moisture content of the furniture wood is affected by its origin, and the furniture with a moisture content higher than 1% of the average moisture content of the use area will crack, deform, fall apart, warp, etc. Furniture produced by a well-engineered enterprise is not important for local or foreign production, and the average moisture content remains the same.

3, to coordinate with the interior design, such as the shape, color, function, texture, hardware and other factors of some furniture can be matched with the interior design or home decoration, lighting, etc., to form a coherent echo, complement each other the overall indoor space effect.

The above article details the contents of the garden furniture manufacturers and the garden furniture purchase skills, it is said here.

How To Design The Garden Decoration And What To Pay Attention To

How To Design The Garden Decoration And What To Pay Attention To

Design of the house, garden decoration design by people’s favorite, garden furniture should be how to choose and such a structure in the design time, do not know which good use, and in the garden decoration need to pay attention to what, to these are not very understanding, then garden decoration design which good use?Next small editor for everyone to introduce, I hope you in the decoration of the time reference.

How To Design The Garden Decoration And What To Pay Attention To

I. Which is the best use of garden decoration design

1. Decorate your garden. You should decorate your home with beautiful gardens, choose the best garden furniture, and manage the rocks and soil you need in the garden.In terms of views, metal and gypsum are good choices.

2. Garden decoration. The garden looks good. You can also create bird fish ponds, fountains, garden bridges, etc.When you see it in its entirety, you’ll be happy.

3. Garden plan. You need to better decorate the garden. You can decorate grass and flower beds.Since the planning of the whole garden is also an art, the overall achievement is very important in terms of key, focus, form, harmony, balance, texture and symmetry.

4. Plan the garden. When you start decorating your garden, you have to have a photo, you have to understand it in your head, and it’s best to make a plan about what kind of garden furniture you want to buy. You can go to the wholesale furniture supplier to choose the best garden furniture.Want to think about yourself, think about the environment and the sun land and so on.

5. Plant selection.But picking different flowers depending on your own environment and water and soil can also be used to choose the conditions for scented flower cultivation.

How To Design The Garden Decoration And What To Pay Attention To

II, what to pay attention to in garden decoration

1. Garden decoration note, any form of decoration should take into account the bearing problems.
But unless the balcony is reinforced in the main body of the building, the artificial sink cannot be built and the concrete mat sits cannot be handled.

2.Garden decoration note that all forms of decoration, can not destroy the original waterproof layer of the balcony, to consider waterproofing.

3. Garden decoration note, what form of decoration, balcony wind pool should be considered.
All other structures must be strengthened and guaranteed.

4.Garden decoration note that the balcony floor should ensure that the drainage system is clear, so that the water does not seep into the room.

5. Garden decoration note that the balcony flowers and plants should try to choose a species with good insect resistance, and in order to avoid insects in the living room, must be separated from the planting belt and living room as needed.
It is not suitable for planting tall flowers and small trees in the balcony garden.Garden decoration note, there is a balcony garden artificial lighting, the need for waterproof lighting, installation of leak-proof switch, to avoid rain yin leakage, damage.

III. What are the garden decoration styles?

1. English garden, as well as English garden with dark and half-wood frame, exaggerated sculpture, neat nursery and flowers, the style of expression of life is simple, fresh, elegant, natural.If you want to decorate the English garden, you can buy some European-style tables and chairs, and you can ask the dining chairs manufacturers for your request.

2. Traditional garden, but traditional gardens are a more natural style than nature, with artistic concepts, exquisite design, elegant art and rich cultural features, the overall layout is small, but free, refined, elegant, long writing. Water is the center, water is repetitive, full of Jiangnan flavor. The structure is easy to move. The colors are on the white walls, and the maroon columns match nature.Space processing is sometimes open and clean, sometimes distorted, rotated, hidden or exposed.

3.German garden, as well as let you enjoy the rational and romantic simplicity and comfort, deliberately arranged flowers and garden, you can experience romance and relaxation, the brain of the wise man is born here reborn and inspired.

Garden decoration design, do not know which is good to use, and in the decoration of what attention, the above article is about the garden decoration design which good use and garden decoration attention to what.

How To Choose Private Garden Fence As Garden Furniture?

How To Choose Private Garden Fence As Garden Furniture?

With the improvement of living standards, many people have bought villas and have private gardens. This is the time to buy the best garden furniture, private gardens belong to personal space, of course, need to be surrounded by fences, boundaries. The sort of durable garden furniture on market at present is varied, often make a person very difficult to choose when buying garden furniture.

How To Choose Private Garden Fence As Garden Furniture?

I. shape and height of fence in private garden

1, private garden fence modeling

Traditional wooden fence is still active in private garden now, make it grid shape, can add the beautiful feeling of private garden, hollow out design reduced the feeling of inanimate, make visual space more open instead, plant around wooden fence very beautiful huan. White vertical bars of the fence modeling is also relatively common, generally made into a fence, effectively dividing the space, and matched with different colors of flowers, both the flavor of the sea of flowers and foreign style.This kind of garden facilities can bring a beautiful visual sense to the garden

2, private garden fence height

The height of fences in private gardens is generally 80-120cm. For decorative effect only, the height is generally 30-50cm. If there are stepping parts at the bottom of fences, the height should be calculated from the stepping parts.

II. Price and effect of fences in private gardens

1.PVC lawn fence, flower bed fence, garden fence, price: 21 yuan/meter;

2, aluminum alloy courtyard fence villa aluminum art fence, price: 400 yuan/meter;

3.High-end decoration of wood-plastic fence private garden in the courtyard of wood new-generation villa, price: 203 yuan/meter;

4.Private villa garden fence villa courtyard wall aluminum protection fence, price: 300 yuan/meter;

5, moth-proof wood and plastic fence outdoor special, price: 148 yuan/meter.
The above is to introduce the price of private garden fence, such as the fence as garden furniture is to choose more durable.

How To Choose Private Garden Fence As Garden Furniture?

III. Chinese ironwork fence design for private garden

Black Chinese iron fence, private garden and the outside world for a good isolation. The top of the fence with sharp modeling, anti – theft. The fence is divided into wooden columns, topped with small street lamps, decorative by day and practical by night. The vertical bars of the fence are not drab, creating intricate shapes that add an artistic touch to the garden.

The above is to introduce how to buy the best garden furniture, the price and design of the fence in the private garden, hope to help you when you buy the best garden furniture in the future. kiwimodfurniture.com

How Should The Roof Garden Be Designed?

How Should The Roof Garden Be Designed?

Roof garden decoration now people’s living standards have improved, but also have a higher pursuit of life.
Many families with villas will be renovated into a small garden, which requires the purchase of durable garden furniture, it can not only be used as a place for leisure and entertainment, but also for the usual viewing.

I. How to design the roof garden decoration

1, lawn roof greening

Domestic called simple roof garden, as the name implies is based on the characteristics of the building load is relatively small, the use of lawns, ground quilts, small shrubs and climbing plants for roof cover greening.China’s approach is mostly using lawns, while Germany’s use of Jingtianke, a drought-resistant low-conservation plant, often does not need to set up a separate irrigation system, relying on natural precipitation alone to solve the problem of plant conservation.

2, combined roof garden

The semi-intensive rooftop garden is suitable for visible roofs and requires year-round viewing of green and flowering plants. It is thicker than the expansion type, and the range of plant options is wider, but does not include tall trees of trees.It requires regular irrigation and maintenance, with paths and courtyards on the roof for people to walk and stay in.

3, garden roof greening

Intensive roof greening can be said to be a real roof garden, usually can be added to trees, grass, pavilions, pools, fake mountains and wooden chairs and other garden design elements, providing people with leisure and sports space, but also need regular maintenance and maintenance.

How Should The Roof Garden Be Designed?

II. How much money is the roof garden decoration

According to the requirements of high and low, prices are also different, garden decoration, decoration company from dozens to hundreds of square meters have. Design costs in 10-50 yuan / square meters or so, the cost of 300-700 yuan / square meters, in the roof garden design to take into account whether the load is feasible. Another is waterproof ingress, once the roof greening, the whole roof has a considerable part of the area will be in a humid environment for a long time, this time the roof waterproof requirements will be very high, finish edifying water also have to carry out four days and four nights of closed water experiments, to ensure that there must be no leakage problem.Another is plant root piercing, now generally has both physical root and chemical root two kinds.

How Should The Roof Garden Be Designed?

III. Roof Garden Renovation Effect Case

The roof area is not large, but in the design time is very good to use the space, reasonable to buy the best garden furniture, so that the garden space layout more reasonable. The open-air roof ensures that the plants in the small garden are sufficiently light-sensitive and light-sensitive. Add a row of wooden railings to the wall, on the one hand, play a protective role in safety, on the other hand, can use the fence to let plants grow, but also played a role in decorating.

The ground floor is water-resistant and a wooden floor is laid, making walking on top of the touch will be more comfortable. Design stools near the wall and sit down and cool in the summer sun. In the middle of a large table, used to place small potted plants, the space below has a collection role, after finishing, so that the small space becomes orderly. Afternoon time is always so leisurely, you can sit with friends on the rattan chair quietly enjoy the quiet afternoon, drink an afternoon tea chat about the future.
Can also be with the lover, so quiet sitting, can also feel the quiet years good.

What is the design of the roof garden that you are introducing? If you would like to know more about garden furniture, please click here. kiwimodfurniture.com

How Should Garden Furniture Be Chosen To Design The Villa Garden?

How Should Garden Furniture Be Chosen To Design The Villa Garden?

Villa garden design can not be less garden furniture, but the most serious decoration of the bedroom is still to be reflected, this is the need to buy the best garden furniture, so as to live comfortably and healthy.Generally speaking, what style of villa, its garden style what?

 How Should Garden Furniture Be Chosen To Design The Villa Garden?

First,how the villa garden is designed

The structure of the family determines how the garden is laid out.
If the time is particularly tight, there is no time to take care of the garden, it is simple to plant some flowers in the garden, there are young children’s family garden should avoid deep water and rocks and other risk factors, set up to put toys on the lawn, plant some colorful one- and two-year grass flowers and root flowers; if there are elderly people in the home, to consider the elderly in the outdoor leisure habits.

The size of the garden is an important basis for the future design and layout, especially when buying stylish garden furniture, should pay attention to the layout of the garden space, small garden may be suitable for Chinese style, small but delicate but not lack of finishing touches, in the arrangement of small pieces to pay special attention to the integration and excessive architecture.

 How Should Garden Furniture Be Chosen To Design The Villa Garden?

Second, villa garden design style classification and characteristics

For the design of private garden, villa garden design type is also very many, whether it is Chinese, or European, for consumers, garden style design is also very important, if not the style design of the villa interior, then will give people a very incongruous feeling, and from the economic point of view,

It will also be wasted, so simply put, garden design must pay attention to the owner’s living habits and aesthetic requirements. The garden-style villa not only allows the owner to breathe fresh space every day, but also opens his eyes every day to see the view. Such a design not only beautifies the environment but also brings unlimited surprises to the owners.

Garden villa decoration costs will not be very high, and this form of decoration style is more and more accepted. Garden villa decoration of the interior design is also very exquisite, in the home more use of solid wood materials, these materials are pure natural, so in the purchase of furniture, will choose some more durable garden furniture, whether it is the balcony or living room and bedroom will use such materials, so that the interior and exterior scene completely in nature shine. The wooden floor in the living room, its flexible elasticity makes the owner feel very comfortable to step on, less of the cold feeling of the floor tiles. The earthy wooden ceilings and coffee table, seats are made of all-natural wood, both in terms of overall vision and touch.

Simple decoration reveals leisure and simple attitude to life, such a home space so that the whole day in the people to walk through the society can feel a quiet, so that the soul can be comforted. Although the garden villa decoration looks very simple, but it has a powerful function, whether you want to soak in the sun while browsing the title page or want to soak in the bathtub to relax or lie in a soft and comfortable bed rest, such a garden villa space will bring you 100 percent positive energy.

Believe that such a villa will also make your life more taste and color. The above is a small editor to introduce you to garden villa design related knowledge, and choose what the best garden furniture better to decorate the garden.

I hope you can help. For more garden furniture, please click. kiwimodfurniture.com

How To Choose The Best Garden Furniture To Design Our Garden?

How To Choose The Best Garden Furniture To Design Our Garden?

Many people want to have a garden of their own, this time can not help but buy garden furniture, because the garden is outdoor, so when shopping for furniture will usually choose durable garden furniture.

Put a few tables and chairs in the yard, plant their favorite flowers, when nothing, please come over a few good friends to play cards, tea, chat, enjoy the comfort of nature, such a life is very enviable, then, do you know how to decorate your garden with garden furniture?

How To Choose The Best Garden Furniture To Design Our Garden?

I. How to design the open-air garden decoration

1, micro garden.

Put an iron frame on the outside wall of the open-air balcony and place some flowers on top of it.If the open-air balcony area is relatively wide, you can also build a small fountain in the center, the pool built-in put some fake mountain shells, small fish shrimp and other aquariums, so that the entire open-air balcony has green leaves, flowers, fish in the pool shrimp play, can enjoy the fun of nature.

2, open-air vegetable garden.

On small open-air balconies and even protective railings, planting some fruits, vegetables, etc., the open-air balcony has become a “balcony garden”, which is now very popular in some European countries.

3, the study room. At one end of the open-air balcony, a wall is made of a whole bookcase, a desk table is set below, a retractable chandelier hangs from the top of the middle, and a coffee table chair or a remote chair at the other end of the open-air balcony.Although the open-air balcony area is not big, but here can still talk with people, reading, writing, leisure, there are many functions.

II. What flowers and trees to grow in the open-air garden

On one side of the garden wall, a row of coral trees is planted to form a hedge about two metres high. You can also close to the root of the wall, plant mountain tigers or Ivy, let them climb the edge, become a green barrier, so that the courtyard can appear more elegant, add a few points of mountain taste. Courtyard can be planted on spring, pomegranates, moon season, lamei, chrysanthemum and camellia, but also can be planted on golden oranges, oranges, figs, dates and so on, which can be done four seasons see flowers, between or fruit, both full of eyes, but also add a mouthful of happiness.Large courtyard, can also be built a few small flower beds, flower beds around, planted a circle of onion orchids or “along the grass” as a chrome, flower beds placed a few taihu stones or other stones, and flowers and trees to contrast.

How To Choose The Best Garden Furniture To Design Our Garden?

III.How to design a garden in your own yard

1, clear garden use function At the beginning of the design garden, there should be a clear positioning of the function of the garden, whether it is a wildlife shelter, or a garden full of vegetables, if you want the garden to have a variety of functions, then identify one of its most important functions, and then design.Design should pay attention to what style with what garden furniture, different styles of stylish garden furniture with different, so as to decorate a garden you like.

2, to meet the sensory needs of the courtyard Create the most attractive landscape, with the most harmonious colors to satisfy the eyes, choose a particularly aromatic plant to satisfy the nose, let the garden have crisp birdsong, the sound of the water, and the laughter of the child to satisfy the ears, and finally, to satisfy our tactile, soft, smooth, hard walking path,The feeling of stepping on it is so different, the fence of various materials feels different.

3, positioning garden decoration style The overall style of the garden is what it is like to make people feel. Appreciate a neatly planned courtyard? Or a courtyard with an oriental mystery? Is the tree thick or open?Put all you can think of on the paper and pick one of your favorites.

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Features Of Garden Furniture And How To Buy

Features Of Garden Furniture And How To Buy

With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements are also very high, more and more people in the purchase of furniture has a pattern, and there are people in the purchase of furniture in accordance with the durable garden furniture to buy, you have to know about these?I hope you will be consulted when buying garden furniture.

First,What are the characteristics of garden furniture?

  1. For you to introduce the iron garden furniture, iron round tables and chairs are usually the most common durable garden furniture materials, compared with other furniture wear-resistant, relatively long service life.
    Special garden furniture shape changeable, hollow pattern is very beautiful ornate, milky white and black each have a flavor.

2. In the introduction of solid wood garden furniture for everyone, solid wood garden furniture gives a natural and simple atmosphere, by many people’s love. But you know that solid wood is prone to rising tide, and then the sun is easy to deform.
Our solid-wood outdoor garden furniture needs to be set in a rain shelter to prevent solid wood tables and chairs from being wetted by rain.

Features Of Garden Furniture And How To Buy

3. Finally, we introduce cement garden furniture, cement-material garden furniture can be very rare, especially in the park some public seats are made of cement suppression model, with the overall effect of integration.Putting cement garden furniture in the garden does not have to worry too much about its damage, compared with other materials, the cement material obviously has a stronger resistance to erosion, the disadvantage is that it can not be moved.

Second, how to buy garden furniture?

1. When shopping for furniture, if the bedroom is a wooden floor is easier to choose furniture.
If it is a magnetic brick, terrazzo, or marble floor, it is not appropriate to choose steel and wood furniture, this will increase the cold atmosphere of the room, can be selected wood furniture to reconcile, and also to add carpets in the interior to ease the cold and hard feeling.

2.In the purchase of furniture also with the interior design coordination, such as furniture modeling, color, function, texture, hardware and other mutual factors can be combined with interior design or home furnishings, lighting, etc., forming a coherent echo, complement each other the overall indoor space effect.

3. When you buy furniture again, you should look at the size, quality and function of furniture and room size coordination in addition to color, shape and other room overall, size, quality and function should also be considered. However, you want to have a large space room, easy to choose a slightly larger size of furniture, and if the space is limited, it is not appropriate to choose large-size furniture, otherwise it is possible to make the space appear congested, then the appropriate proportion relationship is also very important.In addition, the quality of furniture, the function of reasonable or not, but also to be careful, especially when buying leather furniture should pay attention.

Features Of Garden Furniture And How To Buy

In the real life, a lot of people in the purchase of garden furniture when they do not know how to buy, the above article is about the garden furniture knowledge, specific garden furniture features and how to buy.

If you want to know more garden furniture, please click.

Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden Construction Steps

Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden Construction Steps

The garden is a great place to rest and admire the flowers or trees, where we can enjoy being close to nature. But have you noticed garden furniture in the garden? For outdoor furniture, such as garden furniture, because they have to withstand the wind and sunlight for a long time, it is different from interior furniture.How to choose outdoor furniture? Next, come together to learn something about some of the garden furniture knowledge in the courtyard.

Garden furniture is an outdoor furniture that refers to furniture placed in a garden. As people’s living standards rise, people who own villas or estates will have their own private gardens, and they will design their own gardens.Inevitably, they buy and choose durable garden furniture to provide outdoor leisure for families and friends.

 Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden  Construction Steps

I. Outdoor garden furniture materials

Iron materials: Iron round table chairs are usually more common garden furniture materials, while iron garden furniture is painted milky white, mostly painted black. These two colors are versatile and highly environmentally integrated.
At the same time, the shape and engraving of wrought-iron garden furniture can be more refined and beautiful.

Solid wood material: solid wood outdoor garden furniture is usually set in a gazebo to prevent solid wood tables and chairs affected by rain, solid wood wrought iron combination garden furniture relatively used in covered areas.

Cement materials: Garden furniture made of cement is common, especially in park seats with cement-pressing models with a seamless overall effect. Put the cement garden furniture mentioned above in the garden without worrying too much about its damage.Cement materials are significantly more resistant to erosion than other materials.

 Garden Furniture Material Introduction And Garden  Construction Steps

II. Courtyard Garden Furniture —- Garden Garden Construction Steps

1. Courtyard design confirmation: Usually the designer will draw the design needs for the garden space, and the owner to confirm the detailed design, including detailed space allocation, the use of planting, materials. This is the most important part of the courtyard design.
After confirmation, it is equal to the blueprint of the courtyard.

2.Finishing the site: whether it is unused courtyard site or second-hand courtyard site, there will usually be some must be cleaned up debris, vegetation, etc. , before the start of construction must clean up the courtyard floor environment.

3. Ground waterproof: If you plant flowers directly in the roof garden, the first thing to do is waterproof. The waterproof layer is divided into liquid waterproof and solid waterproof.
Owners are free to choose a waterproof layer that meets their budget to meet their basic needs.

4. Hydropower project: long garden has water, taps, irrigation system and lighting equipment, generally fixed in a certain part, construction must be fixed according to the design location, laying related pipes.
These hydropower projects are usually completed before the earth is covered.

5. Drainage works: Confirm that the drainage holes in the courtyard are at the lowest point.
Protect the waterproof layer so that the drainage slope, or you can take advantage of the high-rise seating and hilly terrain.

6. Coverage: All geotechnical works 0x1776 hydropower project completed, the entire courtyard hardware construction project completed. The next step is to cover the soil.
After the soil is completed, it is a configuration of plant configuration and horticultural materials.

7. Plant: Find the location of the trees in the yard first.
After planting the main trees, the main scene in the garden will be positioned and then expanded one by one among other small and medium-sized plants, gradually forming the flower and wood structure in the garden.

8. Material configuration: according to the volume or characteristics of the material, with plant planting, according to the planning order. If there is a slate or pool, it can be carried out in parallel with the plant.
Finally, through decorative accessories, completed the construction of the courtyard, fully demonstrated the overall effect of the courtyard.

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Garden Furniture – Introduction to the Materials And Styles Of Garden Benches

Garden Furniture - Introduction to the Materials And Styles Of Garden Benches

Garden furniture is more and more extensive use, in many families now, will decorate a garden in their own courtyard, which requires the choice of stylish garden furniture to decorate it.

Garden benches are the most common garden furniture. Garden chairs are the biggest contributors to the garden, not only beautifying the garden, but also serving people. Moving garden furniture in life is usually common, and a simple garden bench can go a long way, creating the perfect atmosphere and relaxing. Garden benches can also create a good focus on improving the overall appearance of the park.

Garden Furniture - Introduction to the Materials And Styles Of Garden Benches

There are several types of garden benches to choose from, and it’s easy to find one that fits almost any budget or garden style. There are a few things to consider before buying a garden bench, such as it is made of material type. Wood and stone are the most common. Garden benches can be made more popular by many different types of wood, pine, fir, or teak stools. One thing to consider when choosing a bench for the climate.

Cold or rainy climates require some more durable weather, like red cedar. Stones are probably the most durable type on a garden bench. Garden benches serve as garden facilities and these benches can be natural and suitable for any garden style. Stone garden benches can range from flat stone products such as concrete or brick.

However, garden benches made of cast stone material are more durable and weather resistant than those made of concrete. The choice of material is a small part of choosing a good garden bench.

Style is also important. There are curved garden benches and straight tables, plain garden benches and decorative tables. The choice of type usually depends on the garden bench or the surrounding landscape garden style. For example, a strange iron garden bench would be more suitable for more upscale, formal garden settings.

wooden benches, on the other hand, seemed more in an informal home, set by the state. Other considerations include comfort and purpose. Benches, which are used more often, should provide comfortable padding and support. The best way to experiment with comfort on a bench in the outdoor garden is to sit here. How the platform will be used in the garden is also very important.

Garden Furniture - Introduction to the Materials And Styles Of Garden Benches

While some are used for sitting and relaxation, others may be strictly as aesthetic expressions only. While some types of garden benches can be quite expensive, this is not the case. For example, iron, marble, and stone chairs can be expensive. More decorative garden benches will cost too much. Plastic garden benches are cheap, durable and easy to maintain. Plastic garden benches are usually made of recycled plastic.

They are very comfortable and have different designs, shapes, and colors. For those more frugal, there are a variety of materials that can be used to build a garden bench. For example, a simple garden bench can use no more than one old plank or square board and two concrete blocks. Every good garden needs a place where people sit or pleasantly focus. There is no need for fancy on the benches in the garden.It just needs to be achieved.

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How Should The Flower Pot As Garden Furniture Be Placed?

How Should The Flower Plate As Garden Furniture Be Placed?

People’s living standards, many families have a garden, garden furniture demand is growing. We all like to plant some beautiful flowers and grasses in the garden, every day tired to see these flowers and grasses, as if in the midst of nature, is a good choice to release the pressure. But the garden flower pots, if not very careful, a long time, may seem a bit messy, aesthetically at all.

Flower plate as a garden furniture is important, so how to make the garden pots look good?

How Should The Flower Plate As Garden Furniture Be Placed?

1.Learn to choose the right flower pot.

Want to make the garden flower pots placed good-looking, that in the choice of flower pots to be carefully selected is, do not choose plastic pots, easy to break and easy to change color.
Should choose a unified ceramic flower pots, the color should also be a little elegant. Strive to design a space sense of flower pots.

2.Try to design a sense of space for flower pots.

Want to make the garden flower pots placed good-looking, should let the flower pots look a certain three-dimensional sense.
You can borrow a certain partition design into the shape of a step, or set up a solid wooden shelf, so that the flower pot looks layered, beautiful. Like plants planted on flower beds and garden edges, plants planted in flower pots can beautify the garden.Choose a flowerpot that matches the garden style, where leaf plants or flowers can be planted, both to decorate the courtyard and as a visual focal point in the garden.

3.Use the colors of flower pots and plants cleverly. To make the garden pots look good, learn to make clever use of the flower pots and plant colors. Green plants and beautiful flowers do not need to be divided into placement areas.They can be placed together, visually giving a spring-colored feeling.

4.Start with the details of the placement.

The details of the flower pot arrangement include many aspects, such as the number of flower pots, the shape of the flower pots, etc. These details are also important after determining the large pattern of flower pots in the garden.
The number of flower pots can not be too much, can also be designed into a certain placement shape. Metal pots (such as galvanized) and man-made pots are suitable for placement in modern-style gardens, especially geometric pots with smooth appearances.New Zealand hemp, aromatic grass or pruned plants with three large flower pots can be used, and flower pots can be placed among the meaty plants.

5.The arrangement of flower pots can be paired with other scenes.

If you want to create their own beautiful flower pot garden, in addition to the above careful design, the arrangement of the flower pot can be paired with other scenes.For example, the placement of a rather elegant folding table, in the middle can also be placed a few pots, in the garden filled with beautiful flower pots tea chat, is also a good choice.

How Should The Flower Plate As Garden Furniture Be Placed?

In traditional-style gardens, red pottery, natural stone or similar composite pots can be used. Roses planted in large tanks are gorgeous courtyard decorations in traditional-style gardens, as well as herbs in old sinks and perennials or alpine plants in thatched huts.In a natural-style garden, use an idyllic flowerpot made from recycled wood.

Pastoral style: In an idyllic or natural garden, you can use recyclable fruit bins, old pots or wooden pots.

Tropical style: Colorful glazed flower pots are suitable for growing tropical leafy plants, leafy shrubs or pruned plants.

Modern style: metal flower pots can reflect the modern style, can be planted in a well-shaped leaf-watching plant, the flower pots will be placed in groups.

Traditional style: Traditional-style flower pots are suitable for traditional gardens, and their earthy tones are suitable for planting pastoral plants.